Permanent Courses

Permanent Orienteering Courses in Hamilton

Orienteering Waikato has several permanent courses available to the public. The map and instruction pages can be downloaded from this page and printed prior to your visit.
There is no cost to download the course and have a go. Orienteering Waikato would appreciate a donation to help cover the cost of mapping and marker replacements. A suggested donation is $2 per person up to a maximum of $50 for a large group. (Bank Account 03–1561–0027195–00 . Please note Reference = Permanent)

Please note that each venue may have restrictions imposed to the general public that could limit your ability to access some or all of the checkpoints.


We hope you find what you are looking for. However, if you can’t find a control marker, please check the location photos in the documents below to make sure you were looking in the correct place. If the control marker is gone please send us an email so we can replace it.

Hamilton Gardens Permanent Course Control Location Photos 2018

Hamilton Lake Permanent Course Control Location Photos 2019

University of Waikato Permanent Course Control Location Photos 2024