Waikato Orienteering host a summer orienteering series of eight events on Wednesday evenings, starting late January. Our urban orienteering events are based around large community parks in the beautiful suburbs of Hamilton, with one event held in a neighbouring township.

Our summer orienteering events have two courses available. The short course is 1-2km in length and makes the most of available features such as paths, fences and streams to assist the participant. The long course is 3-4km and gives you more challenging route choices.

You will receive an A4 map of the park or parks and surrounding streets (without street names) and can access a GPS tracked smartphone app call MapRun for tracking your progress. Eight to twenty control locations will be marked on the map with a circle. Your aim is to visit the control locations in the order indicated on the map. There is no specific time limit, however, we have been providing pizza at the end of the event and so you don’t want to be back too late!

There are several ways to keep up to date with Orienteering Waikato events

Our summer orienteering events are held predominately in suburban parks around Hamilton city. You can expect to be walking or running down footpaths, gravel tracks, across parks around and under trees. There may be the occasional opportunity to cross a stream or run through a muddy puddle (there are usually alternative tidier routes but they might not be the most direct). Walking or running shoes are a good idea and a jacket might be handy if rain is expected. We have a wide range of participants many of whom just enjoy experiencing the outdoors with friends and family. Participating in an orienteering event each Wednesday is a great way to improve your fitness from whatever level you are at.

NOTE: Walkers get priority start times. If you’re planning to walk, let us know, and we’ll bump you to the front of the queue, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the experience (and get back in time for pizza!)

If you have a smartphone please install MapRun (version 7) from http://maprunners.weebly.com/. MapRun is used as the timing app for our urban rogaines. You can still participate without a smartphone but you will need to manually note down which controls you visit and tally your points.

Our summer orienteering event maps have many distinguishing features such as roads, buildings and parks. Most people can successfully orient their map using the features available and do not require a compass. You are most welcome to bring a compass if you wish.

We are very grateful for our volunteers who manage registration at our events. We aim to have registrations open from around 5:45 pm. If you arrive early enough you might get the chance to help set up the gazebo! We will ask you to write the following details on our registration form.

  • Name
  • Mobile phone number – so we can check you’re okay if you don’t return when expected
  • Member Y/N – membership is from January to December and is $20
  • Course Fee – amount due, members $10, Non-Members $15 per adult. School children free with a paying adult. Family maximum $30 (living at same address)
  • Amount Paid – amount actually paid

We also ask participants to place a tick beside their name on the registration sheet once they have finished their event. This helps us to know that everyone is back safely.

NOTE: During pandemics our registration process may be altered to meet health guidelines.

Our summer orienteering fees are;

  • Members $10
  • Non-Members $15 per adult
  • School children free with a paying adult
  • Family maximum $30 (living at same address)

Membership is for the calendar year, January to December

  • $20 per adult
  • $10 per child (school-aged or younger)
  • Maximum of $50 per family (living at same address)

The following map was used for an event in February 2021. See if you can locate the start and finish. The start is identified by a triangle and the finish by a double circle. The control circles on the map are numbered in the sequence you should visit them. At the control site you will find a white and orange flag with a numbered tag. On this map the first control visited will have a white and orange flag with the number 201. A table on the map shows all of the control sites, the corresponding flag number and a brief description of the location.

Our Hamilton based events will have start times between 6:00pm and 6:30pm. Runners on the same course will be started at one minute intervals. Short and long course participants can start at the same time because they are following different maps. We can also start walkers and runners closely together on the same course as they will not benefit from following each other.

Once you’re at the start of the queue our volunteer will give you any final instructions. They will confirm you have selected the correct map in MapRun. When it’s your time to start our volunteer will give you a PIN number to unlock and start your event. Once your phone GPS has registered you are in the start triangle your event timing will start. Your next step will be to take the correct map (short or long course) from a box at the end of the start chute, orientate your map and navigate your way to control 1.

If you are not using the smartphone app you will be given any final instructions and when it’s your time to start you can simply take the correct map and go.

Please install MapRun (version 7) from http://maprunners.weebly.com/. Make sure you have location services turned on. You will also need mobile data if you haven’t downloaded the map before you arrive at the event venue.

The MapRun app will silently record the control locations you have visited (using GPS). Each control site will have a white and orange flag with a tag number that can be matched to the map.
We ask that each participant runs to within two metres of the control flag. The MapRun app will show timing and last control number visited if you wish to monitor your progress.

The MapRun application will end your event as soon as you get close to the Finish banner. Make sure you don’t run through the Finish area in the middle of your event otherwise the MapRun app will end your race timing.

Our summer orienteering events can be run without a smartphone. You can listen to any special instructions given by the event volunteer but can ignore any MapRun instructions. You will queue and be started like everyone else but you will need to keep track of your own time. Once you have finished, please mark the registration form to indicate you are back. There should be a form at registration if you wish to note down your time (if not, note your result on the back of the registration sheet).

The finish location is marked with a finish banner. When you get close enough to the finish banner the MapRun app should automatically end your event. It’s a good idea to check your phone when you arrive at the finish to ensure it has ended successfully. Make sure you warm-down and have a friendly chat to others milling around the finish area. The event gazebo should be nearby. Please ensure you have placed a tick beside your registration entry to indicate that you have safely returned. There will likely be a short prizegiving mostly focused on a few small spot prizes, information about future events and, all going well, pizza.

Please let our volunteers know if you have any questions or concerns. They will try to answer your questions or find a committee member or an experienced orienteer to help.