Urban Rogaine Archive

Click one of the twenty links below to open an urban rogaine event map PDF in a new browser tab.

Print the map, find the event in MapRun and compete against the clock, navigating to as many controls as you can in the 45 minute time limit. Most controls are worth between 10 and 40 points (except for event 10). Visit control 901 sometime between ten minutes after the start and ten minutes before the finish to score 100 points! Make sure you’re back before the time limit or you’ll have 10 points deducted per minute or part minute.

If you’re unable to print the map, you can still run the event by using the map that will appear on your smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone you can print the map and do your own timekeeping.

You can run these events at any time. The MapRun app is available for Android and Apple devices from http://maprunners.weebly.com/.

Locate an archived map near you on Google Maps or read more about our club events here.

2019 Urban Rogaine Maps

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