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4hr Mixed Team (21)30 C 870 Pts4:00:00
129TEAM Goldilocks and a co017703:44:48770
244TEAM Sorry; not sorry017503:54:25750
333TEAM Optimal route choic017003:52:12700
414TEAM Might be Faster016703:53:43670
516TEAM Perdu et trouve016703:55:23670
639TEAM Dated Loaf and Pike016303:55:04630
736TEAM All wind016303:56:00630
817TEAM Gringo flamingo016203:51:30620
911TEAM Wylies015803:58:57580
1024TEAM Why run when you ca015804:00:45-20560
1119TEAM Batman and his supe015303:54:30530
1241TEAM Lloyds014603:53:28460
1310TEAM Are we there yet015104:02:02-60450
1428TEAM Claudelands mud run014303:55:49430
1538TEAM Quality Time014203:39:44420
1637TEAM Flatlanders014203:59:54420
1718TEAM Winter-Shepherd013603:58:51360
187TEAM Team Marett012603:47:27260
1926TEAM Doras Explorers011303:47:55130
2021TEAM Team Red013004:13:09-28020
2123TEAM Team Whooper014504:29:10-6000
4hr Junior Team (1)30 C 870 Pts4:00:00
18TEAM The Lost Boys014303:54:43430
4hr Womens Team (9)30 C 870 Pts4:00:00
132TEAM Fuse Creative016003:43:20600
231TEAM K2015103:51:23510
36TEAM Adventure to the Co014903:53:17490
413TEAM Sunday Stroll014803:59:45480
520TEAM Happy runners014303:53:34430
612TEAM Tron Express013503:56:16350
74TEAM Rookies013403:45:01340
85TEAM Rampage Rehearsal012903:54:16290
922TEAM Your Pace Or Mine?012205:01:44-2200
4hr Mens Team (11)30 C 870 Pts4:00:00
180TEAM OBOP A018703:36:16870
243TEAM Jeff and Dave017903:57:05790
334TEAM Incognito017803:53:45780
442TEAM BigMan017103:55:27710
59TEAM Half Decent016703:56:03670
625TEAM Team WC016603:43:45660
715TEAM No Limits015503:53:51550
81TEAM Den & Hen015303:55:45530
92TEAM We'll find a way...015103:57:02510
1027TEAM off in the shower013503:59:04350
113TEAM Kodar012804:02:12-60220
2hr Mixed Team (8)30 C 870 Pts2:00:00
172TEAM Rusty knees014002:00:02-20380
261TEAM SALAR013301:56:38330
368TEAM I don't know012701:54:16270
459TEAM CRC012601:58:55260
562TEAM Dougies011601:46:56160
665TEAM Hoof Hearted011402:01:02-40100
751TEAM Steingrimssons011402:02:04-6080
855TEAM Map Readers01702:07:57-1600
2hr Womens Team (6)30 C 870 Pts2:00:00
164TEAM Zenith013101:57:19310
247TEAM Blood; sweat & beer012401:59:34240
350TEAM Lost and Wandering012201:56:23220
463TEAM Local ladies011901:56:07190
575TEAM Easier said than ru011401:57:15140
645TEAM Bee & K01902:02:41-6030
2hr Women (3)30 C 870 Pts2:00:00
171Katherine Luketina602001:57:21200
269Sharon Osman701801:55:28180
356Danielle Vandermeer921502:03:04-8070
2hr Men (10)30 C 870 Pts2:00:00
174Andrew de Lisle654701:55:15470
279Peter Hobbs814301:59:37430
354Luke Reeves894101:59:27410
476Tim Hunt653201:57:33320
557Takaaki Hatanaka762801:56:49280
673Dave Nevin492501:55:38250
749Oliver Braun792202:00:04-20200
870Arthur Giffney601901:30:41190
967Thomas Lopdell861801:52:37180
1053Russell Higgins711401:58:34140